Asia Online Boat Show &

First-Time Boat Buyer EXPO on 10th - 31st October 2020

Welcome! You've arrived early and we're right in the middle of the Show build! Watch the welcome video from the co-founders of BASCO.

The Boat Show Expo has 3 amazing aspects for you to enjoy!


There are 4 Exhibition Halls in the Online Boat Show (A-D)

  • 1

    Hall A

    Motor Boats & Sailing Yachts

    (Halls A1 - A6)

  • 2

    Hall B

    Sponsors Exhibition Halls

    (Halls B1 - B25)

  • 3

    Hall C

    Specialty Products & Services

    (Halls C1-C21)

  • 4

    Hall D

    Online Auctions

    (Halls D1-D2)

Here's the details of what you will find in each virtual Hall

(click on the links to move to the Halls)

1. Hall A Owners Hub Exhibition of Boats & Yachts

(Halls A1 - A6)

  • A1 Power Boats

  • A2 Sail Boats

  • A3 Catamarans

  • A4 Fishing Boats

  • A5 Houseboats & Liveaboards

  • A6 Jet Skis, Toys & Others

2. Hall B Sponsors Exhibition Halls

(Halls B1 - B25)

  • B1 ***Platinum sponsor name & products

  • B2 ** Gold sponsor name & products

  • B3 ** Gold sponsor name & products

  • B4 **Gold sponsor name & products

  • B5-B25 * Silver sponsor name & products

3. Hall C Specialty Products & Services (Halls C1-C21)

  • C1 Charter Boats, Destinations and Sharing
  • C2 Shipyards & New Builds

  • C3 Disabled Sailing Thailand
  • C4 Canvas & Upholstery

  • C5 Electronics & Navigation

  • C6 Engines

  • C7 Refrigeration & Air-conditioning

  • C8 Generators & Electrical

  • C9 Gyro’s & Stabilisers

  • C10 Inflatables & Tenders

  • C11 Insurance & Finance

  • C12 Jet Skis and Toys

  • C13 Licences, Courses & Boat Training

  • C14 Magazines & Media Publications

  • C15 Maintenance & Paint

  • C16 Marina’s & Associations

  • C17 Personal Services

  • C18 Registry & Ownership

  • C19 Safety & Safety Equipment

  • C20 Shipping

  • C21 Surveyors

4. Hall D Online Auctions (Halls D1-D2)

Education For First-Time Boaters

And new to Asia boaters

It's Free!

The Virtual Boat Buyer Extravaganza for First-Time Boat Buyers

30+ boating industry experts reveal how to prepare for boat ownership, select the best boat for your lifestyle and budget, and maintain your dream vessel.

  • How to make a sound decision when purchasing a boat

  • How to to navigate the unpleasant surprises of the boat buying process

  • How to avoid hidden costs and secure the best deal

  • How to charter a boat or a superyacht

  • The in’s and out’s of building a new boat

  • The costs of boat ownership and maintenance

  • Key resources that can save you thousands as a boat owner

  • What type of vessel is right for your vision and budget

  • What resources you need to make the boating lifestyle a dream

  • The best boating destinations, get-aways and charter experiences 

  • How to build or buy a new boat without breaking the bank


Live streaming of giveaways and promotions

Coming soon, watch this space...